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Celebrating Innovation With The 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards

The Taiwan Excellence Awards recently unveiled its list of winners, showcasing the outstanding achievements of 182 companies and 320 products. This prestigious award reflects the commitment of Taiwan’s industrial landscape to cutting-edge innovation and technological advancement. The award-winning products not only leverage emerging technologies, but also prioritize energy conservation, carbon reduction, and the pursuit of a sustainable future.

Known as the Oscars of Taiwan’s industry, the Taiwan Excellence Awards are organized by the International Trade Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and implemented by the Foreign Trade Association. This 32nd year marked a significant shift as the awards adopted the slogan, “Promote Taiwan’s Excellence and Leap to the World Stage.” A record-breaking 469 companies submitted 948 products for consideration, emphasizing the growing importance of Taiwan’s industrial prowess on the global stage.

To ensure a rigorous selection process, an on-site product evaluation took place at Hall 2 of the Nangang Exhibition Hall in September. Products spanning diverse industries, from electric buses to portable water purifiers, underwent scrutiny to demonstrate the adaptability and competitiveness of Taiwanese industry players in addressing evolving trends and diverse user needs. Over 140 domestic experts and scholars from various fields were invited by the Ministry of Economic Affairs to conduct a thorough selection process. Award-winning products distinguished themselves in the crucial aspects of research and development, design, quality, and marketing. The integration of software and hardware emerged as a prominent trend across various fields, with a particular focus on keywords such as artificial intelligence (AI), intelligence, energy saving, carbon reduction, and green sustainability.

The breakdown of industry categories among the award-winning products provides insights into Taiwan’s industrial structure and competitiveness. Information and communications claimed the lion’s share at 38%, followed by machinery and components (18%), transportation equipment (14%), and household equipment, hardware, and building materials (10%). This distribution not only reflects the nation’s industrial landscape but also mirrors the demand for smart mobility post-pandemic.

Among the remarkable award-winning products are those that blend traditional elements with modern technology. Examples include picture frames combining display panels and AI technology, creating highly realistic and immersive artworks. Additionally, innovations in electric vehicles, smart cockpits, e-paper retail logistics systems, and advancements in medical equipment entering homes for mobile telemedicine highlight the R&D and innovation spirit of Taiwanese enterprises.

Winning the Taiwan Premium Award serves as a benchmark for excellence in Taiwan’s industry. Recognized products receive the Taiwan Premium logo, allowing them to participate in the Ministry of Economic Affairs “Taiwan Industry Image Publicity Project” and other domestic and international promotional activities. This exposure enhances brand awareness, visibility, and business opportunities for the awarded products. As the spotlight intensifies on the 30 products shortlisted for the gold and silver awards, December will see foreign experts and domestic committee members selecting the ultimate winners. Presentations by shortlisted companies will culminate in an awards ceremony at the Nangang Exhibition Hall on December 6, celebrating the gold and silver award recipients and reinforcing Taiwan’s commitment to R&D and innovation.

This 32nd Taiwan Excellence Awards not only recognized exemplary achievements, but also showcased the resilience and forward-thinking spirit of Taiwan’s industrial landscape. The diverse array of innovative products, from AI-infused artwork to cutting-edge transportation solutions, highlights the nation’s commitment to staying at the forefront of global technological advancements.

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