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CT University Leads the Way: Big Fish Pool Season 2 Marks Historic Milestone as the First in the North Region to Fund Startups Up to 20 Crores

In the vibrant landscape of entrepreneurship, where ideas take flight and innovations shape the future, the Big Fish Pool Season 2, organized by CT University, emerges as a beacon of hope and opportunity for young entrepreneurs across the region. CT University, situated in Ludhiana, Punjab, is renowned for its commitment to academic excellence and fostering a culture of innovation, making it the ideal host for this mega start-up event.

Notably, this season introduces a groundbreaking initiative, with funding opportunities reaching up to 20 crores, marking a pioneering milestone in the region’s entrepreneurial landscape. Scheduled to unfold its transformative magic on December 2, 2023, at CT University, Ludhiana, this mega start-up event is poised to surpass the success of its inaugural season, promising an even more profound impact on the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Big Fish Pool draws inspiration from the globally acclaimed “Shark Tank India,” providing a unique platform for budding entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas to Angel Investors and Venture Capitalists. In a spirit reminiscent of the show, where dreams are realized and destinies are shaped, this event plays a pivotal role in nurturing the entrepreneurial spirit of the region’s youth.

Reflecting on the remarkable accomplishments of Season 1, the Big Fish Pool has not only become a prominent startup conclave in the region but also a catalyst for change. Keynote sessions and panel discussions served as knowledge wellsprings, offering invaluable insights into the dynamic startup landscape of the region. The 250+ pitch decks received from every corner of India underscore the nationwide influence and relevance of the event.

One of the standout achievements of Season 1 was the infusion of funding opportunities of up to 6 crores into 40 promising startups by a panel of 16 investors. This financial injection not only fueled the ambitions of these startups but also validated the vision of young minds, demonstrating that dreams, when backed by innovation and determination, can indeed materialize.

However, beyond the numbers and financial injections lies the heart of the Big Fish Pool—a celebration of ideas, tenacity, and the indomitable spirit of young entrepreneurs. More than just a pitching platform, it is an ecosystem that fosters connections, collaborations, and mentorships. The event goes beyond conventional boundaries, actively involving over 30 schools and engaging 100 students who showcase their innovative ideas, setting the stage for the future leaders of innovation.

The emotional resonance of the Big Fish Pool lies in its ability to instil confidence in the minds of young entrepreneurs, reassuring them that their ideas matter, and their dreams are worth pursuing. The felicitation ceremony that acknowledges the top 50 rising startups in Punjab adds a touch of recognition to the entrepreneurial journey, honouring the individuals who contribute to the growth of the ecosystem.

As we anticipate the second edition of this groundbreaking event, it is not just about pitching ideas; it is about kindling a fire within the hearts of young entrepreneurs, a fire that propels them to overcome challenges, defy odds, and transform their dreams into reality. The support garnered from esteemed organizations in Season 1, such as Startup India, Invest India, and the Government of Punjab, demonstrates the collective belief in the power of entrepreneurship to drive economic growth and societal change.

In conclusion, the Big Fish Pool Season 2, organized by CT University, stands as a testament to the resilience, creativity, and potential of the young minds of Punjab. It is more than an event; it is a movement that nurtures the entrepreneurial ecosystem, planting seeds of innovation that will blossom into the future.

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