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Seeding Tomorrow: SRM’s Historic Elite World Records in Seed Ball Making

November 22, 2023, Tamil Nadu, India, SRM Institute of Science and Technology (Deemed to be University) stands as a world-class higher education institution in India, recognized for its excellence. As part of a network of institutions spanning the country, SRM Trichy emerges as a pioneer within the group, earning prestigious Elite World Records. In a remarkable display of unity and environmental consciousness, the students of SRM Trichy have etched their names into the annals of ecological history on November 18, 2023. With a resounding commitment to the “Green Tamil Nadu” mission, they embarked on a mission of monumental proportions: an ambitious attempt at the Elite World Record for the Most Participants Involved in making Seed Balls within 2 Hours at a Single Venue.

Amidst the scenic backdrop of Tiruchirappalli District in Tamil Nadu, India, 3075 students gathered at the university premises, driven by a collective determination to contribute to the restoration of the region’s green cover. The clock began ticking, and for the next two hours, the air buzzed with the rhythmic rustle of hands diligently working towards a common goal.

The significance of this endeavour lay not just in the numbers but in the purpose that fuelled each participant. United by a shared vision, they dedicated themselves to crafting seed balls – small spheres of life encapsulating the potential for a greener future. As the clock wound down, a tangible sense of accomplishment hung in the air. The students had seamlessly woven together more than 1 lakh of these tiny seed balls, life-packed spheres, each one a testament to their commitment to environmental stewardship.

The journey, however, was not just about breaking records or amassing impressive statistics. The true impact of their efforts lay in the profound understanding of the seed ball’s role in forest rejuvenation. These small, unassuming orbs served as nature’s silent warriors, armed with the potential to transform barren landscapes into thriving ecosystems.

The seed ball, a simple yet potent conservation tool, offered a protective cocoon for seeds, shielding them from environmental threats and providing a conducive environment for germination. Once dispersed across deforested areas, these seed balls would become the catalysts for a resurgence of biodiversity, breathing life into the soil and fostering the growth of a new, resilient forest.

Dr.R.Shivakumar, Chairman of SRM Group of Institutions, congratulated the SRM Team for achieving the Elite World Record for Most Participants making Seed Balls within 2 Hours! He further stated that your dedication to the “Green Tamil Nadu” mission, crafting 1 lakh seed balls with 25 seed varieties, was commendable. This accomplishment not only set a record but also reflected our commitment to environmental stewardship. Your hands sowed seeds for a greener future. As Chairman, I was immensely proud of your impact, showcasing our institution’s dedication to positive change, he concluded.

Dr.R.Jagadeesh Kannan, Dean, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, extended his heartiest congratulations to the team on the historic achievement! The record-breaking participation in crafting more than 1 lakh seed balls with 25 seed varieties showcased the team’s dedication to the “Green Tamil Nadu” mission, he noted. He appreciated Dr. A. Vijayan, Assistant Professor and Dr.R.Manickam, Physical Director, alongside a dedicated team of lecturers and students, who orchestrated every detail for the event, ensuring its grand success. Their meticulous planning and unwavering commitment played a pivotal role in creating a seamless and memorable experience for all participants. As Dean of the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, I commend the impactful contribution, setting a remarkable example for future endeavours. Keep up the excellent work, he further added.

Dr.N.Malmurugan, Director, SRM Group of Institutions, conveyed his wishes to the entire team on this phenomenal achievement in seed ball making! He pointed out that each seed ball crafted held the potential to bring life to our forests. The collective efforts not only set a record but were crucial in fostering biodiversity and sustainable ecosystems. As we celebrated this accomplishment, he concluded, remembering that every seed ball created was a step towards a greener, healthier future.

R.Rakshitha, Adjudicator, Elite World Records, congratulated SRM Trichy on achieving the Elite World Record for Most Participants in Seed Ball Making! She further said, your dedication to the “Green Tamil Nadu” mission, crafting 1 lakh seed balls with 25 seed varieties, is truly commendable. The impact of your efforts resonates in every tiny sphere, promising a greener, healthier future. Well done!

The students of SRM Institute of Science and Technology had not only set a world record but had also sown the seeds of change for a greener, more sustainable tomorrow. Their hands, once tireless in crafting seed balls, had become instruments of transformation, leaving an indelible mark on the landscape and the collective conscience of a generation committed to preserving the planet. As the sun set on that November day, it cast its warm glow on a multitude of tiny seed balls, silently heralding the promise of a rejuvenated, vibrant Tamil Nadu.


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