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Spanish tennis player Badosa, who is injured, plans to play in the Billy Jean King Cup again

<p>Paula Badosa, a Spanish tennis player who had an injury, is excited to compete again in the Billy Jean King Cup, which gets underway in Seville on Tuesday.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-271625″ src=”” alt=” spanish tennis player badosa who is injured plans to play in the billy jean king c” width=”967″ height=”724″ srcset=” 259w,×112.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 967px) 100vw, 967px” title=”Spanish tennis player Badosa, who is injured, plans to play in the Billy Jean King Cup again 12″></p>
<p>At the Estadio de la Cartuja, teams from Spain, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Australia, Slovenia, Canada, France, Italy, the United States, Poland, Germany, and Kazakhstan compete in the most significant women’s tennis event.</p>
<p>With a back ailment that forced her to withdraw from her Wimbledon second-round match and drop to 56th in the global rankings after peaking at No. 2, the event offers the 25-year-old Badosa an opportunity to close off the season on a positive note, according to Xinhua.</p>
<p>Badosa discussed her injury recuperation during a news conference on Monday.</p>
<p>“She truly wanted to play again, so I had to be patient,” she added, acknowledging that her time on the sidelines had altered her perspective on the game.</p>
<p>Taking a different tack, I now think that life is about more than just tennis. I have loved this time as well since I have been doing other things and I think it’s important to know yourself,” she said.</p>
<p>Although Badosa said she had not raced back for the event, she acknowledged that competing in the competition in Spain provided her with “extra motivation” in her fight to get back in shape.</p>
<p>“It was just the medical results; once I started training and felt well, there was no pain.” I realized that I had time, so I decided to play, so I began to increase the loads,” she said.</p>
<p>Badosa concluded by stating that the players take pleasure in the experience of playing as a team in a sport that is often played individually.</p>
<p>“I’m excited about it. I like playing in teams, and it inspires me to watch my teammates work hard and with passion. They teach me a lot and are a big help to me,” she said.</p>
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