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Sabyasachi Ad Praising Models’ “Depressing” Appearance

<p>Renowned designer company Sabyasachi has been the target of harsh criticism on the internet for a recent commercial it released advertising its “Heritage bridal” collection. The Internet has not been kind to the brand as it prepared for the holiday and wedding seasons.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-271734″ src=”” alt=” sabyasachi ad praising models depressing appearance download 2023 11 07t144507.487″ width=”936″ height=”623″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 936px) 100vw, 936px” title=”Sabyasachi Ad Praising Models' "Depressing" Appearance 3″></p>
<p>The advertisement features ladies dressed tastefully in the latest saree collection. But the models’ gestures of stoicism are what have caused a wave of anger on social media. Their features have drawn criticism for being “expressionless,” “sad,” and “boring.” Many internet users are not happy with this surprising way that the models are portrayed.</p>
<p>One thing that many found especially poignant was the models’ lack of bindis. According to custom, no ethnic outfit—especially one worn on a joyful occasion—is complete without this modest but important addition. The exclusion of bindis from the models’ appearances fanned the flames.</p>
<p>The new collection was formally introduced by Sabyasachi via an Instagram video that included the title “HERITAGE BRIDAL 2023.” But soon after it was released, a barrage of angry remarks filled the comment area, denouncing the company for what seemed to be a “mourning look” on the models, even though it was associated with festivities and weddings.</p>
<p>Sabyasachi has previously experienced criticism for its marketing decisions. The designer was the focus of abuse when he promoted his Fine Jewellery line in the past. The Royal Bengal Mangalsutra was shown on the models in the campaign, who were dressed semi-naked and placed in intimate poses. There was a huge reaction against the designer as a consequence of the internet community’s overwhelming dislike of this ad.</p>
<p>In August 2021, Sabyasachi and the global apparel company H&M collaborated, which again caused criticism. He displayed a saree with a price tag of Rs. 9999 that had prints in pink and white. The saree’s price choice sparked a lot of jokes and criticism, with some pointing out that it looked a much to something from a grandmother’s wardrobe. To exacerbate the bad feeling, ethical questions about the industry’s working conditions were also brought up.</p>
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