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Mohaan Nadaar at TPHQ pays A tribute to the power of nine women filmmakers under one roof

Team Production HQ (TPHQ) headed has announced a bouquet of films helmed by nine talented women filmmakers. In an industry often dominated by male voices, these directors promise to make a mark in the world of cinema. Interestingly, eight of them are first-time directors. Founder Ketki Pandit says, “The aim is to bring fresh perspectives, diverse storytelling and unheard voices of Indian women to the forefront of the cinematic world. It takes just one germ of an idea to think of a film, but it takes a village to execute it.”

TPHQ is a tribe of free thinkers transcending the conventional film business and disrupting the vision of cinema to a diversified global language of entertainment. We aim to create a pool of fresh talent who have unique homegrown culturally rooted stories,” adds Vikas Garg, chief promoter. Managing Director Mohaan Nadaar says, “In less than a decade, we have produced over 50 films with edgy content. To achieve this vision, we formed our creative division and teamed up with some of the best minds in the business.”

These women are guided by the CEO at TPHQ and two-time national award-winning director Sharbani Deodhar. The projects traverse various themes, reflecting societal norms, familial bonds, love rebellion and the quest for individual identity.

The films in the pipeline:

Kriti Kapoor’s Sorry Not Sorry, Niharika Sahni’s Love Khatola, Shruti Anindita Varma’s Vrindavan, Vidushi Sood’s Ghosting, Sonam Singh’s Blame It On The Rains,

Sai Deodhar’s In Bina Shakkar Ki Chai, Suchitra Krishnamoorthi’s Appa, Shrabani Deodhar’s Falooda and Ketki Pandit’s O! Womaniya.

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