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Parshwa Jewellery House now in Nikol with “Kanku Phera”

In the bustling rhythm of today’s fast-paced world, where we progress tirelessly forward, the heartbeat of our Indian sanskriti seems to echo quietly in the distance. It is crucial to preserve our Indian culture and uphold our valuable traditions. Amidst rapid modernization, our cultural values and ancient beliefs are often neglected, and it is our responsibility to nurture them. As we weave through life, the delicate threads of tradition often become faint whispers, easily lost. However, with the launch of our newest campaign, “Kanku Phera,” Parshwa Jewellery House celebrated the opening of Nikol store by leaving imprints of Lakshmi Ji’s footsteps, signifying the beginning of a unique celebration.

In the serenity of this ethos, PJH found inspiration in the symbolism of Goddess Lakshmi Ji emerging gracefully, her divine footprints carry with them an aura of prosperity and auspiciousness. It is this divine essence that graces every place where her blessed steps fall, leaving behind an indelible mark of fortune and grace. In this modern era, these footsteps and imprints of Lakshmi have become a precious gift for us from nature. We hold dear our invaluable heritage and invite you all to cherish this legacy.

Following the success of Parshwa Jewellery House’s Vastral and Ghatlodia store and this sacred vision of our sanskriti nestled in our hearts, Parshwa Jewellery House proudly announced the inauguration of a new store in Nikol. To commemorate this momentous occasion, More than 10,000 valued customers, esteemed guests, and women in Nikol left their footprints in “Kanku,” marking a new beginning with blessings. We captured the essence of our cherished traditions.

Within this mosaic of impressions, over a thousand footprints have been imprinted, each carrying the essence of those who have graced our journey with their presence. From our cherished customers to the pillars of our Parshwa Jewellery House family, each imprint symbolizes the blessings and goodwill that have guided us through every milestone.

“Kanku Phera” embodies the essence of our commitment to uphold the sanctity of our Indian Sankriti, to cherish the timeless beauty of our customs, and to celebrate the enduring legacy that binds us as a community. We find ourselves drawn closer to the roots that have nourished our existence. It is a humble tribute to the rich cultural heritage, an ode to the intricate legacies that have been handed down through generations. With every step we take, guided by the blessing & footprints of our cherished members, we lay the foundation for a new chapter infused with the timeless grace of our traditions.

As we embrace the spirit of “Kanku Phera,” we extend our invitation to the Parshwa Jewellery House in Nikol.

Parshwa Jewellery House, Millennium Plaza, Nikol :


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