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“Fuelless Automobile” Redefines EV Presented a unique example in the world of automobile by innovative design of “Zero” and “One”

Pune: Fuelless Automobile is a budding startup in the EV sector. The company has introduced innovative designs of two EV scooters named “Zero” and “One” to the world to meet the unique challenges and demands of Indian commuters. Represents a significant leap forward in sustainable and convenient urban mobility solutions for the Indian market. This innovation of the company is an important step in the field of efficient transportation.

“Zero” and “One” are known for their innovative design, which has been carefully crafted to navigate the diverse terrain and road conditions found across India. Recognizing the complexities of Indian roads, the company has designed this electric scooter to provide an efficient commuting experience. This electric scooter promises to revolutionize the way you travel, making your journey not only eco-friendly but also remarkably convenient.

Key Features of “Zero”:

The ‘Zero’ scooter has a top speed of 50 KM/H, battery capacity of 100+ km, with its always on mode capability, ‘Zero’ frees you from the worry of accidental charging. Fast Charging (Max 3.5 Hours): Its fast charging capability allows for a full charge in just 3.5 hours, Battery Capacity 1600 Watts: Powerful 1600 Watts battery ensures precision with day-to-day and reliable performance 800 Watts BLDC Motor: 800 Watts Brushless DC (BLDC) motor provides a smooth and efficient ride, 15 Inch Width Wheels, Disc Brakes with Electronic Brakes, Dual Shock Absorber: The “One” scooter has dual shocks Absorber system promotes comfort and reduces the impact of bad roads, LED power Efficient Headlight, Side Indicators with Taillight, 90 KG weight carrying capacity, Anti-Theft Lock: Enhances the security of your scooter.

Key Features of “One”:

The “One” scooter has a top speed of 65 KM/H, battery capacity of 100+ km, with its always-on flight capability, the “One” gives you the freedom to travel large distances on a single charge. Fast Charging (Max 5 Hours): With its fast charging capability, the “One” scooter can be fully charged in just 5 hours, which is extremely convenient for daily users, Battery Capacity 2500 Watts: This scooter has a Powerful 2500 watt-hour battery, ensuring up to a day of ride reliability for daily use, 1500 Watts BLDC Motors: With two 1500 Watts brushless DC (BLDC) motors, “One” scooter performance and Promotes control. 21 Inch Width Wheels, Disc Brakes with Electronic Brakes, LED power Efficient Headlight, Side Indicators with Taillight, 200 KG weight carrying capacity, Anti-Theft Lock, and Dual Shock Absorber: The dual shock absorber system in the “One” scooter boosts comfort and reduces the impact of bad roads. 

“Prem Vijay Alhat, Founder and CEO of Fuelless Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., says the company is no stranger to innovation and has a rich history of providing environmentally responsible transportation solutions. Their commitment to the environment and the needs of Indian customers is reflected in their latest offering.

Company mentor Kishor Jadhav says Zero and One have been designed with a deep understanding of the local mobility landscape and the specific challenges faced by Indian commuters. This electric scooter is a testament to their dedication to making travel accessible and enjoyable.

Company Director Vijay Alhat says the company represents an important moment in the development of electric mobility in India. The company invites you to be part of this green revolution, redefine the way we commute, and contribute to a sustainable future. With a focus on designing electric vehicles that meet the specific needs of the Indian market, the company aims to make eco-friendly transportation accessible and convenient for all.

You can expect to find all the details you need about their upcoming electric scooters and updates on the company’s website. For more information about this revolutionary electric scooter and the latest updates from Fuelless Automobiles Pvt. Ltd., visit the website and be a part of the real EV revolution designed for India.

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