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In a viral video, Rani Mukerji sits on the floor with her cousin Sharbani, while Jaya Bachchan is seated behind them

<p>At Rani Mukerji and Kajol’s Durga Puja Pandal in Mumbai, the celebration of Navami was attended by a host of celebrities. For the puja on Monday, numerous celebrities joined the Mukerji cousins. Jaya Bachchan is included in this. Although there are already images of the women posing for selfies together, there is also a video available that provides a peek into the puja. Rani was shown in the video sitting on the ground with her cousin Sharbani Mukerji, who had previously appeared in the film Border. Jaya, on the other hand, was spotted sitting down on a chair.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-250572″ src=”×381-1.jpg” alt=” urfi javed apologizes as a child sobs over her most recent outfit img 5493 678×381 1″ width=”1516″ height=”852″ srcset=”×381-1.jpg 678w,×381-1-390×220.jpg 390w,×381-1-150×84.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1516px) 100vw, 1516px” title=”In a viral video, Rani Mukerji sits on the floor with her cousin Sharbani, while Jaya Bachchan is seated behind them 3″></p>
<p>While Jaya was introducing other visitors, Rani, who was dressed in a saree, was spotted speaking with Sharbani. The same video has now become popular online.</p>
<p>Rani and Kajol often attend the North Bombay Sarbojanin Durga Puja, one of the biggest pujas in the western suburbs, to celebrate Durga Puja. Deb Mukherjee, the uncle of Kajol and Ayan Mukerji, and his father started the puja, which celebrated its diamond jubilee last year. The Mukerji family has been taking part in the Durga Puja celebrations this year as well.</p>
<p>Several celebrities stopped by the pandal this year. These stars include, among others, Jackie Shroff, Sonam Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, and Katrina Kaif.</p>
<p>Kajol has been posting pictures of the puja rituals. Kajol posted a video on the first day of Pujo with the caption “1st day of pujo.. It is a time for celebration when family gather together. Let’s pray and give thanks to the Goddess for all she has given us. “Day 2 and the madness continues.. so many people being fed, praying, and all with family.. it’s an experience!” she said with photographs from the next day. Love everything about our pujas. She also sent Jackie pictures and a note that said, “To the original clothing horse… The nicest and best-dressed dude around @apnabhidu.”</p>
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