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Zeenat Aman Talks About A Time When She Was Targeted by ‘Vicious’ Headlines in the Tabloids

<p>Actress Zeenat Aman, known as the “Insta queen” for her entertaining and humorous Instagram postings, took a trip down memory lane on Saturday as she reflected on the culture of gossip and magazines in Bollywood.</p>
<p>The senior actress posted an old magazine cover featuring her on Instagram on Saturday, creating a contentious narrative around her. The 1979 edition of the magazine is referenced.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-158800″ src=”” alt=” download 60″ width=”1167″ height=”767″ srcset=” 277w,×99.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1167px) 100vw, 1167px” title=”Zeenat Aman Talks About A Time When She Was Targeted by 'Vicious' Headlines in the Tabloids 12″></p>
<p>As she spoke about the tradition of putting down performers in the past, the actress wrote a lengthy caption.</p>
<p>If the headlines were to be believed, she said, she had cursed herself in 1979, been victimized in 1982, been out of sync in 1984, been on the verge of self-destruction in 1985, and been broken in 1998. I once purchased subscriptions to tabloids and glossy magazines, but that period swiftly passed. The person they depicted me as was completely unrelated to me. The headlines would read positively one day and negatively the next.</p>
<p>She called the tabloids out for failing to properly fact-check their material and for invading celebrities’ privacy.</p>
<p>“There was little in the way of fact checking, and no remorse for errors made,” she said in her letter. Even when they got the narrative straight, there was almost always a serious invasion of privacy. When they were incorrect, such apparent falsehoods were accepted as truth. These “scandals” had a negative impact. It was a unique type of public humiliation, and I can still feel the fear, fury, and anguish that went along with it. My defenses became stronger, and I eventually realized that I couldn’t oppose the character they were trying to project.</p>
<p>She said, “The one time I confronted an erstwhile editor about a malicious story, she was full of excuses but not a single apology,” recalling her confrontation with a senior editor who had no remorse for the fraudulent reporting. At that point, I decided not to take it personally. Even still, it was dishonorable since their main concern was making magazine sales.</p>
<p>All of this is merely to suggest that because others will always have something to say, it’s generally better to avoid letting their viewpoint or perspective define your existence. You can take care of it for yourself, the actress said.</p>

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