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Deepika Padukone opens the first Cartier store in Mumbai

<p>With Deepika Padukone, their house ambassador, present to cut the ribbon, Cartier opened their newest shop in Mumbai at Jio World Plaza. The newest addition to Maison’s global network of boutiques is Mumbai, a city renowned for its vibrant culture that seamlessly blends the arts, economics, and entertainment.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-277182″ src=”” alt=” deepika padukone opens the first cartier store in mumbai download 2023 11 10t18262″ width=”1235″ height=”822″ title=”Deepika Padukone opens the first Cartier store in Mumbai 3″ srcset=” 275w,×100.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1235px) 100vw, 1235px” /></p>
<p>The Maison’s rich history of over a century of relationships with India is naturally continued with the opening of the Mumbai boutique, the brand’s second store in the nation after New Delhi. India has grown to be one of Maison’s main inspirations throughout the years, exchanging design, workmanship, and stones to help create a new creative language.</p>
<p>The CEO of Cartier Middle East, India, Africa & Turkey, Sophie Doireau, commented on the new opening, stating that India is a dynamic nation with a young population that is inspired by its legacy but also ready to create for a better future. The opening of our store in Mumbai is evidence of Maison’s dedication to a long-term partnership that has had a substantial influence on Cartier’s workmanship for more than a century.</p>
<p>The Mumbai boutique, which opens a new chapter in the Maison’s and India’s histories, is a creative fusion of Mumbai energy and Parisian savoir-faire. The store, which was created by the well-known Parisian design firm Moinard Bé taille, honors its regional roots with custom pieces and finishes.</p>
<p>The iconic panther greets guests as soon as they enter the shop. It is painted in the distinctive red, gold, and beige hues of Maison. The mural is a brilliant patina. From here, the Woman’s Universe serves as the beginning point for the voyage into the worlds of Cartier and India. A quick look at the boutique ceiling shows a masterfully created work of art that is evocative of the coffered ceilings seen in India’s most opulent palaces and is influenced by various styles of lapidary art. A royal residence-like atmosphere surrounds visitors, with rooms decorated in warm tones of</p>
<p>gold, champagne bronze, and beige. A tiny chamber painted in different tones of vivid orange, a hue admired for its symbolism of optimism, vitality, wisdom, and purity, adds to the royal aura.</p>
<p>The Men’s Universe salon is where guests continue their journey. This room, with its hand-painted wallpaper in shades of carmine crimson, exudes daring and power. A lotus petal is repeated throughout the custom wallpaper, symbolizing the energizing rhythm of the natural world. This room is all about Indian style, with chairs covered with classic paisley or ambi motifs and brightly colored kaleidoscopes. In the same way as the Cartier brothers did when they traveled, this salon encourages guests to dream large and push boundaries.</p>
<p>The VIP Salon is reached by using the following route. The interiors are designed to provide the highest level of comfort and seclusion, creating a private and exclusive area. The salon is framed in an opulent cocoon by coffered ceilings reminiscent of the carved wooden architecture of Havelis, and the walls are painted in hues that denote power and vitality as well as luck and success, respectively, in yellow and blue.</p>
<p>“The opening of the new Mumbai boutique signals an important chapter in the legacy of Cartier and India’s story,” said Gaetan Guillosson, Country Manager for India. The boutique’s design pays respect to the region’s legacy by fusing the worlds of architecture, nature, and vivid hues to create a welcoming environment that best displays our most sought-after goods while also reflecting an essentially Indian sense of style.</p>
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