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Makoons Play School Spreads a Wave of Sweet Indulgence on World Ice-Cream Day

The bells of celebration and the licks of sweet delight echoed across the country as Makoons Play School marked World Ice-Cream Day on July 16. Bringing smiles to the faces of children and teachers alike, this was a day where learning intertwined with fun and flavor across all the centers of Makoons pan India.

This year, the observance of World Ice-Cream Day held special significance for the Makoons community. The festivity was seen not just as a day to enjoy a favorite frozen treat, but also as an opportunity to educate young minds about the world and cultures, bringing them closer to understanding the importance of global events and celebrations.

Vijay Kumar Agarwal, the CEO of Makoons Group Of Schools, emphasized the significance of such events in a child’s early learning. He shared, “Learning is not confined to textbooks alone. At Makoons, we aim to create experiences that fuel curiosity and inspire our children. World Ice-Cream Day is more than just an occasion to indulge in this beloved treat. It’s a chance to inspire our children with the stories, science, and history behind ice cream – transforming the indulgence into a practical, engaging learning experience.”

The festivities were marked with various activities organized across all Makoons centers, where children enjoyed the delight of ice-cream while simultaneously understanding its history, ingredients, and importance in different cultures.

One center that particularly stood out was Makoons Play School in Nigdi, Pune. Here, the celebrations were kicked up a notch with a special demonstration of ice-cream making. Under the guidance of the teachers, children witnessed the transformation of simple ingredients into the frozen dessert they love. It was not just a visual treat but also a practical science lesson.

Karuna Chaudhar, Director of Makoons Play School in Raj Nagar Extention, expressed her joy, saying, “The children were thrilled to see the making of ice-cream, their favorite treat. They not only relished their ice-creams but also learned about its origin, how it’s made, and its cultural significance. This kind of experiential learning sparks curiosity and creates a lasting impact on young minds.”

With World Ice-Cream Day celebrations, Makoons Play School proved once again that it continually innovates in making learning a fun-filled process for children. As ice-cream brings joy and coolness to a hot summer day, Makoons brings joy and coolness to the process of learning, showing that education, at its best, is an exciting adventure that children should cherish.

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