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Why Did the Players Who Won the 2011 ODI World Cup Final Never Play Together for India? What Harbhajan Singh Says

<p>Throughout his illustrious international career, Harbhajan Singh won two world cups. The illustrious spinner was a member of the Indian teams that won the 2007 World T20 in South Africa and the 2011 ODI World Cup in their own country.</p>
<p>Along with Harbhajan, the team that won the ODI World Cup had some of the most illustrious players to have ever represented India, including Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, MS Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Gautam Gambhir, and Zaheer Khan.<img decoding=”async” class=”alignnone wp-image-84727″ src=”” alt=”” width=”1289″ height=”715″ srcset=” 301w,×83.jpg 150w” sizes=”(max-width: 1289px) 100vw, 1289px” /></p>
<p>A “mystery,” in Harbhajan’s words, is why the team of players that defeated Sri Lanka in the final at the Wankhede Stadium never competed together for India.</p>
<p>“I’m not aware of that, this. They were presumably only utilized up to the World Cup, and it surprises me, too, why the team never again participated in a game. I’m hoping and hoping that things may be fixed,” Harbhajan told News24.</p>
<p>“It’d be good if we could get together and have some fun. While it will be a lot of fun, it is regrettable that the squad did not reassemble and participate in a tournament or even a single game.</p>
<p>Between 1998 and 2015, Harbhajan, who took 269 wickets in 236 ODIs, acknowledged that although some players may have been playing in their last world cup, others may have continued to play.</p>
<p>“It baffles me that after winning the 2011 World Cup, a squad that was thought to be strong had so many abrupt changes. People who were winning games weren’t as good as they formerly were, he said.</p>
<p>Although there weren’t many players who could have participated, several members of that squad seemed to be playing in their last World Cup. Me, Yuvi, Gautam, and other players could have played more if we had more time. But let’s not discuss it since it is all gone, he continued.</p>
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