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Goalkeeper Gersbeck of Hertha Berlin departs the training facility while the police look into a fight

<p>Goalkeeper Marius Gersbeck of Hertha Berlin has departed the team’s Austrian training camp after allegedly getting into a brawl with another guy who subsequently required medical attention.</p>
<p>Hertha said on Monday that Gersbeck departed the previous day and that it did not desire to speak more on the incident while police were conducting their investigation.</p>
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It was unclear whether the 28-year-old Gersbeck, who had just recently returned to Hertha from Karlsruher SC, would stay at the team after the incident.</p>
<p>Hertha issued a statement saying that “Sporting and club management will now jointly assess the situation internally, taking into account the ongoing investigations.””</p>
<p>We kindly request your understanding as we decline to speak more on this topic in light of the current investigations.</p>
<p>According to a statement released by Salzburg police on Sunday, “a 28-year-old German man and a 22-year-old local man got into an argument on a street in the town of Zell am See” the previous evening. They continued, saying the argument “escalated into a physical altercation,” leaving the younger male with injuries that were not described and requiring transport to a nearby hospital.</p>
<p>For an alleged cost of 300,000 euros ($337,000), Hertha lured Gersbeck back to his hometown team. He is connected to the club’s extreme supporters and was seen as an identity figure to aid in the club’s recovery from its sports disaster.</p>
<p>Last year, Hertha was demoted from the Bundesliga.</p>

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